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Social service organization

Well known Social Worker

WORLD PEOPLE SERVICE CENTRE is a social service organization started by Dr P Manimaran in Tiruvannamalai District, Tamilnadu since 2002. Our focus has been to serve leprosy patients by giving them shelter, food and medicines.
  We are currently taking care of 51 patients in Tiruvannamalai and 350 patients across Tamil Nadu. Among these patients, we take care of people who are above the age of 50; people have no home or anyone to take care of, and patients who are unable to do anything on their own. Most of the people he has been serving are those who were found living in dustbins and pavements.

We adopted severely afflicted leprosy patients and treated them with utmost care. We personally attend to clean the wounds of severely injured patients.

  Founder Manimaran has undertaken training on treating these patients from the Schiffelin Institute of Health-Research and Leprosy Centre. He also takes care of people who are mentally retarded. In our service, some severely affected patients have shown improvement in health conditions and they have started life afresh by taking on jobs.

about manimaran

Well known Social Worker

Dr. P Manimaran S/o. Pandurangan, have residence at Thiruvannamalai District, Tamil Nadu. I am a well known Social Worker in my native place. Before 14 years back, I have started to serve the society from the first instance when I noticed an old man abandoned at the road side of my locality without any basic support, at that moment I have realized my face in that old man face. From the instance onwards, I took a pledge myself to serve the abandoned aged people, Leprosy affected people and other social service activities which will be supportive to them.
 I am having farmer background, my parents are farmers, but they supported me in all my service activities to society. I abnegated some of my own property to serve the aged people, in many occasions.


Well known Social Worker

  • Our service has been documented and written about in various newspapers and magazines. Video documentaries of our work were shown in leading television channels in the state.

  • Apart from serving leprosy patients, we also talk to school and college students on organ donation and blood donation.

  • With over fifty awards including the prestigious Assist World Record from Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam, founder Manimaran has so far been the youngest individual in India to give leprosy patients a hope to live in this world.

  • Many educational institutes and universities have given their testimony of our hard work and devotion to this cause. Few Prestigious awards bagged by our founder Dr P Manimaran


Well known Social Worker

  • Best Social Service Award received from E.V. Velu, Food Minister of Tamilnadu on 26.05.2010.
  • Sirandha Samuga Sevaga Award received from Dr. K. Ramalingam, Deputy Director of Medical Services (Leprosy), Tiruvannamalai District, Tamilnadu on 19.10.2010.
Assist World Record Research Foundation titled “Honoring award” received from R. Rajendiran Foundar & Chairman of Assist World Record, (2011) Appreciation Certificate & Letters received from following Honors.
  • Dr.K. Karunakaran, Vice Chancellor of Anna University, Coimbatore on 03.05.2011
  • Shri.N. Rangasamy, Hon’ble Chief Ministyer of Pondicherry on 08.06.2011
  • Prime Minister’s office on 14.11.2012 Principal Secretary to His Excellence Governor of Andhra Pradesh on 03.11.2012
  • From Shri. Mahitab Singh, Secretary to Hon’ble Vice President of India, New Delhi on 02.11.2012
  • Dr. Pooja Joshi, Secretary to the Chief Minister of Delhi UT on 05.11.2012
  • From Shri. M.S.Shekhawat, Secretary to Governor, Govt of Gujarat on 11.01.2013
  • Ordinary Indians, Extraordinary Stories” Award received from L.K.Advani, Member of Parliament on 06.02.2014
  • National award for te empowerment of person with disabilities – 2015
  • Chief Minister’s State Youth Award 2015