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Do you Go on a Virtual Date?

No doubt you’ve heard of Second Life. It’s a software system developed in 2003 which allows people to build avatars and explore an online world. Users through their own avatars can socialize with other people, take part in specific or group tasks, buy and trade residential property, vacation across the world. People buy clothes, objects, and gestures. There are 18 million new users on Second Life.

A fresh business called Weopia has brought this idea and applied it to dating. Their internet site claims to permit you to “get a significantly better feeling of the individual”, “work quicker than internet dating by yourself” and “to manufacture actual life dates twice as successful”.

The style operates along these lines: you satisfy somebody on an on-line relationship service. In e-mail or on the telephone you declare that you choose to go on a virtual day. Among you joins Weopia and pays $5. This person delivers an anonymous e-mail invite to the other person. You both develop an avatar for all the day. Then you can certainly take part in one of the tasks – fly a hovercraft, get boating, hang gliding.  You can also sit and “talk” via IM.

The service claims unrivaled confidentiality and security controls.

Therefore, is this creepy? A really helpful tool? An odd trend? The brave “” new world “”?

Do you really make use of this type of a site?